Learning Punjabi in Abbotsford

Sat siri kal! (Hell0)

For Abbotsford residents,  some people would be interested to learn Punjabi language lessons but unlike Surrey, this community is just beginning to grasp the importance  of reflecting diversity of the community with their products, programs and own people!

Here is a list of Punjabi resources in Abbotsford that will useful for children and adults intentionally seeking formal instruction.

For your information- Punjabi language is the 3rd most spoken language in British Columbia and 2nd most spoken language in Abbotsford. Learning any new language opens opportunities for understanding another civilization/culture and breaking down linguistic barriers in interacting with people, for business/professional or personal reasons alike.

1) Gurmat Center

Punjabi Classes for Children and Adults

Every week from 5pm to 7pm,

Kids classes starting ages 5 to Grade 12

Call  Jatinder Singh (Coordinator) for more details 604-855-0020 for summer 2012 program.

2) School District 34 (Grades 5-12 only)

In Abbotsford, Punjabi is offered from grades 5-12. Students can learn Punjabi starting in grade 5 at Harry Sayers Elementary, continuing in grade 6 at Eugene Reimer Middle School and grade 9 at Rick Hansen.  Punjabi 10, 11, 12 and Intro 11 courses are also offered via the Abbotsford Virtual School. (Source: SD34)

3) University of the Fraser Valley (adult)

Punjabi Classes Beginners 1 and 2 for Adults

Register directly at UFV Continuing Studies Languages Course

Check website at www.ufv.ca

4) City of Abbotsford, Basic Punjabi Lessons (adult)

Parks, Recreation & Culture

Register at Direct2rec.com 

If you know of institutions/organizations that are offering Punjabi language courses to public, please send us the information so we can update our list. Private tutorials is also another option that parents and busy professionals can take to keep their language goals for 2012 happen. Good luck!

New Year’s resolution for diversity


2012 could be the year where more people, organizations, and companies are committing towards diversity and inclusion in their workplaces, organizations, families, and neighborhooods. Since that time when that racial and religious divide in Abbotsford has become obvious, everyone has the responsibility to become welcoming and respectful to one another in this community. Studies show that neighborhoods that face a formidable challenge or catastrophe, have tended to abandon their differences and worked together to mitigate a disaster or solve a looming societal problem.

In this case of Abbotsford where we have a zero crime rate compared to few years’ branding of ‘murder capital ‘ of Canada, we dont need to wait for  another major communal upheavals to rally one another for united approach and cultural harmony. Celebrations are awesome opportunites to glue interactions of diverse groups and individuals but it should not stop from answering difficult questions and creating a space for dialogue.

As a concerned Abbotsford resident, what do you want to see happen in Abbotsford that will spearhead diversity, inclusion, welcoming neighborhoods, integration, intercultural dialogue and deeper conversations?  How institutions and organizations can become champions of diversity and start reflecting diversity into their businesses especially if they operate in Abbotsford? How can individuals like you and me can commit to less of hate and judgmental attitude and more to respect and sensitivity in our everday lives? 

Let us know what you think.

We have posted free public education opportunities starting February and March. One is focused on Multiculturalism organized by Gladwin Language Centre and another is Life Skills Workshops conducted by Abbotsford Community Services.

Start the year with awareness and continue on with purposeful action.

Check out this link: Public Education on Multiculturalism and Immigrants’ Life Skills

Strides in interfaith connection

Abbotsford Building Connections Project has reached another height of engagement with the next twinning between Dorjechang Center, Baha’i Assembly of Abbotsford and the Gurdwara Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Society for 2012.

This is a series of facilitated intentional interfaith relationship building between faith communities in Abbotsford. The City of Abbotsford has been a given a mandate to build interfaith and intercultural connections that will address racism and discrimination and disconnection in our community through this federal grant.

Speaking of interfaith understanding, Abbotsford Community Services second installment of “ Bridges of Faith” initiative with the theme “Light”  on January 25 at Garden Park Tower from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. This is a sharing of faith by participating in or observing multimedia presentations, demonstrations and engaging in experiential learning opportunity. There is an interfaith Children’s program from ages 3-10 years old. Pre-registration is required by January 10th. If you are interested contact Danielle at poster below.